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  1. timetrex

    4K Woes

    I've no issues playing 4k files , roughly 60-80gb directly from gdrive. Play them on wireless with 4k firestick using Kodi. Works flawlessly.
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  3. timetrex

    Discussion Unable to create folder for TV Shows

    Just create dir in gdrive/team drive, then add category in download client nzbget/rutorrent etc...
  4. timetrex

    All of a sudden Jackett isn't working...

    i have seen jackett and some other apps, occasionally stop for no reason. Either restart server or systemctl restart docker docker start jackett
  5. timetrex

    Hi new to plex , need help

    You can map the shield drives and copy from computer to the drive. The native Plex app on the shield is not great. Better to use Kodi and the Plex add on.
  6. timetrex

    Ombi won't connect to jellyfin/emby

    Hi, I have a dedi server with jellyfin installed. I also use the GCE cloud server and have ombi installed on that with radarr and sonarr. Ombi connects to apps on the same network, plexguide. But it won't connect to jellyfin on the dedi server. The dedi server also running plexguide, jellyfin...
  7. timetrex

    Chat Seedbox for Plex, downloading and Google Drive

    My setup, I have a cheap VPS server. I used to run torrents and usenet off it but have since pretty much made the switch to usenet. On the VPS currently, I have jellyfin , ddurdle videostream, radarr4k , rutorrent , jackett running. I've removed Plex. Radarr and sonarr are stopped. I've only...
  8. timetrex

    Not moving and not renaming files...

    The other thing to consider is the files your downloading, if they are rar, are they autoextracting?
  9. timetrex

    Not moving and not renaming files...

    your remote path should be /mnt/downloads/qbittorrent/ Local path /mnt/unionfs/qbittorrent/
  10. timetrex

    Not moving and not renaming files...

    I would check the log file in sonarr / radarr Also check the path mappings. Last resort would be to redeploy blitz again
  11. timetrex

    Discussion backup keys

    Hi, So just moved from pg move to blitz on the GCE edition. Seems to work ok, thigs are moving. Maybe i have missed it somewhere in the options, but i dont see an option to backup keys created...was this removed? thanks
  12. timetrex


    Hi Folks, Just some guidance, got ddurdle gdrive videostream running in docker using mrmachine/python-googledrive-videostream:latest It Works as in, i can export strm for use in Jellyfin but the scheduler will not work. To get the schedule jobs running, I edit the containter and change the...
  13. timetrex

    Discussion kodi-headless

    tried my own, have it working but can't seem to install addons, not sure what to do with it..i get to the main page and can log in....Thats it
  14. timetrex

    Discussion billing

    Yeah it's in the GCE instance Presently billing -£0.20 Over £190 in credit
  15. timetrex

    Solved local path not created?

    i see, while i can see them paths on my machine, so i would redeploy mount again
  16. timetrex

    Solved local path not created?

    is the local path not /mnt/unionfs/movies -radarr /mnt/unionfs/tv -sonarr
  17. timetrex

    Discussion billing

    hi folks, seeing this in my billing Network Egress via Carrier Peering Network - EMEA Based Compute Engine 3.93 gibibyte £0.15 -£0.15 what does it mean, why is it appearing if it is under trial?
  18. timetrex

    9.0.1 plex port conflict issue

    You can edit the container in portainer, remove the duplicate port and redeploy
  19. timetrex

    Solved local path not created?

    The download dir would be /mnt/downloads/nzbget/ For rutorrent /mnt/downloads/rutorrent
  20. timetrex

    Invites WtF[nZb] - Beta testing!

    Any one advise what you do after you have the full invite code?
  21. timetrex

    Mounting Google Drive and Team Drive in Kodi Directly?

    You can use Kodi gdrive plugin to mount your gdrive. The plugin creates strm files and monitors Your gdrive for any changes. If there is a Change, it will create strm file in your export directory. The export directory wil be the library that you add to Kodi to scan. Kodi never scans your...
  22. timetrex

    NFL Games

    The NFL live streaming app on the play store works great, YouTube links to all games as well as playlist to the games. Also signed up to dazn Canada. Cost me £60 a year but has all the NFLgames and all English premier League games. Works perfect
  23. timetrex

    [SOLVED] irssi feed to sonarr/radarr

    I have had a version of sonarrannounce working. Was connecting to irc. The only thing that wasn't working was the webgui. I am somewhat of a Linux novice, though find my own way. In my container log files for this sonarr announce I see error: cannot pull with rebase: You have unstaged...
  24. timetrex

    VPS or Dedi

    From my perspective, trying to come from torrents to Usenet. I have some issues. Torrents from major trackers, the content , if it's from public groups or if it's rather big, like some of remux or uhd HDR stuff, it is uploaded into a single file. Often no rars. With Usenet , content is rars...
  25. timetrex

    Invites Plex oriented tracker

    Yeah of course I remember. Long time ago. The FraMeSTor stuff , used to love their stuff. Was a member of nearly every torrent site going. Uploaded to another tracker leecherslair. Good to see this going. Get on a good tracker run by not so shady people. Hard to find one these days. need to find...