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    Help with setting up IPTV with Xteve and Plex.

    That's odd. Are you sure the old container isn't running? You can set it to whatever port you want on the container, try a different one
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    RClone Exlude /_UNPACK_*/**

    I could be wrong but I think eclude is for files. Try --filter "- /_UNPACK_*/**"
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    varken issues

    I got it to work before I switched to pg/docker, but I ran into a similar issue. I noticed it is strictly looking for libraries named "Movies" TV Shows" etc. If you custom name your Plex libraries you have to update that in the config.
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    Chat Cloudflare CDN question

    Question about cloudflare CDN, what's the consensus on using proxied DNS with caching disabled for Plex, will it raise red flags for free cloudflare accounts? Dedi has a 10g link, but realistically I think the provider caps at 1gb up/down at the edge. I ask because I have a dedi server, and a...
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    Ideas Guacamole integration

    Any plans to have this added to the official repo? Just curious. Thanks in advance! Might be a good opp for me to start learning how the yaml files work, but I'm procrastinating and hoping for the lazy route. :)
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    Intro Hey everyone

    I would start by installing nzbhydra and sabnzbd off the PG core apps. It gets configured similar to jackett if you used that with torrents. You will also need a Usenet provider. I use frugalnews (no affiliation.) Basically for nzbgeek and other nzb indexers, somewhere in your profile should be...
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    Plex Cloud Alternative

    Yes, you can mount rclone to dbox. Within pg I *think* you can set that mnt point as your "local hdd" mount point.
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    Frustrating issues with OMBI and Radarr

    No problem. Wish I could be more help! This is an odd one. I take it you've done the obvious stuff like restarting containers, etc? Does the account making the request have auto approve rights? In portainer recreated the ombi container and told it to pull the latest image? Assuming the answers...
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    Requests Not Marked as "Available"

    Make sure you are addressing Plex as host plex, port 32400, untick SSL. Don't do the pull
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    Requests Not Marked as "Available"

    Is ombi connection to Plex working? Try running a manual full sync with Plex on the Plex settings page of ombi
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    Frustrating issues with OMBI and Radarr

    When you go to your ombi settings, do you have it set as host radarr and port 7878? Does it test ok? Can you manually add a movie in radarr directly? *Edit* just saw your note about it working properly in radarr. Confirm your radarr setup and run tests in ombi. Also make sure you don't have...
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    Ombi and Oauth not secure

    It does sound unrelated. Is it possible the clock on your server was off?
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    Frustrating issues with OMBI and Radarr

    I believe processing means it has been added to radarr but isn't downloaded yet. Have you confirmed radarr has added and downloaded/processed the movie? I *think* ombi updates to available when it sees it in Plex.
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    Simple Windows Solution for a Plex Player with NetDrive Custom API

    That's the one! I had my entire setup on Google drive file stream on Windows with 3 Plex servers, and ~60TB media, before switching to Linux. Netdrive was so slow it took days, but one tip was to set TV shows to get a notification update from sonarr so the Plex servers would only need to update...
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    Issue with TV Show Posters in Plex on QNAP NAS

    No idea why the colony poster is showing up. But try the following: Clean bundles Empty trash Optimize db Turn off ipv6 support in your Plex networking settings. This helped with my missing posters. I also suspect that sites like thetvdb have API hit limits by IP. Whenever I've done a large...
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    Simple Windows Solution for a Plex Player with NetDrive Custom API

    Btw, there are some scripts out there to unlock the "max 2 transcode" limits imposed by Nvidia drivers. My 2080ti can easily handle 8+ 1080p transcodes unlocked. No idea why Nvidia imposed such a low limit in their drivers.
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    Chat Error 521

    Go into cloudflare and turn proxy dns off for one of your entries. The try to get to the site. If you can get to it without error, then 443 is open and your SSL cert is good, and you have an issue on your cloudflare settings. If you get an SSL cert error try redeploying traefik. If you can't get...
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    xTeVe Usage

    Works great for me in Plex but the PG version is outdated. I deployed a newer container version. Also the built in buffering setting may sound tempting but I don't recommend using it. Some streams wouldn't work with that setting turned on.
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    Simple Windows Solution for a Plex Player with NetDrive Custom API

    I don't think you would get an API ban since netdrive throttles to 1 or 2 requests/second. But there is supposedly some unknown download limit imposed, although no one knows what that is. Rumor has it it's around 10TB/day. I recently did about ~6TB/day for 10 days to encrypt my library and it...
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    Simple Windows Solution for a Plex Player with NetDrive Custom API

    Why not just use rclone for Windows? My experience with net drive (this was ~2 years ago) was it was very slow, like took a day to scan my library slow. Not sure if that's still the case or not. Google drive file stream and raidrive worked well enough before I switched to Linux. But my recent...
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    [CRASH] Hetnzer Dedicated server Random crash

    Also did you turn off thumb nail generation? That can eat up a lot of resources and may use hw decoding
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    [CRASH] Hetnzer Dedicated server Random crash

    Does the crashing still happen w hw transcode disabled? This thread with a similar error suggests an out of memory issue. What are the specs of your box? You can try to limit Plex to not use more than x memory with the extra parameters section for the app, for example: --memory=4G...
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    Hetzner being blocked by some US ISPs?

    If your using cloudflare and you toggle proxy on in cloudflare for your Plex entry (make sure to disable caching in your page rules) it will use cloudflares cdn for routing and may use an alternate route around Comcast. That said, given the tests you've done, I agree with you, seems like a...
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    In case you come across Sonarr leaving completed shows in queue...

    I was troubleshooting this issue when I noticed this update change log from 1/7: — Jan 7 2020 phantom-develop New Added help text for qualities in groups Fixed Previously imported downloads reappear in queue So if your running v3 and don't have watchtower apply updates, force...