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  1. tsimson

    google business account necessary?

    You dont have to use the gdrive connection, you could if your not to worried about space just store your media locally on your server to cut your cost down. Then move media down when you want. PG is a great thing even without the gdrive rclone connection, just the docker containers and ease of...
  2. tsimson

    Discussion Move Transfer folder to /home/

    Im pretty sure there is a setting within PG. Start pg and go to one of the bottom options "PG settings", should be in there.
  3. tsimson

    Problem/Issue since outage

    I came to the same conclusion man. Next time if you didnt, make a pg backup so you dont need to manually redo evertying.
  4. tsimson

    Problem/Issue since outage

    Yo man im having the same problems, i had to redo all plex, uninstall and reinstall and clear cache on all devices used.
  5. tsimson

    Discussion Update procedure from 7.5.4 to latest

    The only reason i thought bout upgrading was to use gcache feature to lower my API calls to my tdrive, But for the time being i just moved stuff to server locally, watch and delete. I dont want to loose my drive XD. Thanks for talking bro
  6. tsimson

    NZB Invites [H] nzbplanet, simplynzbs [W] Slug, Dog

    drunkenSlug is open registration right now
  7. tsimson

    Discussion customized gcrypt folder names

    Just dont update, and if you do backup your config and place it in new structure maybe
  8. tsimson

    Discussion /mnt/unionfs/ empty

    I think he means he just rebooted his server
  9. tsimson

    DrunkenSlug open registration

    Thanks dude, your a lifesaver
  10. tsimson

    Discussion Update procedure from 7.5.4 to latest

    Read u loud n clear. From you XP when you upgraded or downgraded, are things like sonarr, raddarr and things like traffic and oauth reset? Like will i need to reconfigure them.. Thats what im worried about more than anything, everything works like a charm right now lol!
  11. tsimson

    Discussion Update procedure from 7.5.4 to latest

    I wanted to try the beta version to try out the gcache function. Thought I had to upgrade to try it, hope i'm not embarrassing my self :ROFLMAO:
  12. tsimson

    Discussion Update procedure from 7.5.4 to latest

    How did this end up going for you? I'm about to do the the same thing from 8.7.5 to latest. I created a backup and am wondering if after I update, can I just re-deploy that backup I created or if everything will be wiped.
  13. tsimson

    Chat Which server (2-5 users)?

    I dont know much about the cloud services, i know people use those to mok setup their servers before they deploy the real thing. I chose the un-smart route and had to rebuild my server every time i messed up XD
  14. tsimson

    Chat Which server (2-5 users)?

    This is what i started with, SB35ID: 1138730 DC: #HEL1-DC2 (HEL) Traffic: unlimited Information 4x RAM 8192 MB DDR3 2x HDD SATA 2,0 TB Enterprise Support services replacement of defective hardware free email support Price 35,00 € per month, including VAT No Setup Fees
  15. tsimson

    Chat Which server (2-5 users)?

    Yo man, look into hetzner dedicated servers. Some people my say they arnt the best but man i love mine it works like a charm. Though its just me usuing it, so im not sure how they perform under load. But i recommend looking at them, or looking at a dedicated server in general, maybe bout 30...
  16. tsimson

    Point Plex to Gdrive only and not local files

    I just started making my own directories to temporarily hold stuff in /mnt/, i physically mv everything when i want to throw it on the tdrive
  17. tsimson

    PG Shield - not autorized

    I had to go back and actually hit enter like they stated above, it never actually added to list until you literally hit enter.
  18. tsimson

    new to usenet and getting error messages

    Check that you got the URL correct for your newhosting provider along with the right port they specify. And make sure SSL is enabled, its a little switch in nzbget that is defaulted to off (no encryption)
  19. tsimson

    [w] slug, dog omgwtf, nzbs

    you can sign up for nzbplanet right now
  20. tsimson

    NZB Invites [w] omgwtfnzbs

    nzbgeek is open and works great
  21. tsimson

    WtF[nZb] - Beta testing!

    Thank you so much, seriously. Will get you back when I get a good one. Thank you!, take care.
  22. tsimson

    Discussion Unable to access “nzbget” dns

    Did you change the wildCard field to new IP on your domain registrar?
  23. tsimson

    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /mnt/unionfs/nzbget/tv/

    This is within sonarr or radarr, where you choose a path for the movie or tv show you add to your list.
  24. tsimson

    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /mnt/unionfs/nzbget/tv/

    Above you said, /mnt/unionfs/nzbget/tv/ What about /mnt/unionfs/tv That might do it