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  1. mrv153

    MultiHD on a Hetzner EX42-NVME

    Just create a cronjob which clears /mnt/downloads/sabnzbd/* every 1m for files which are older than 60m
  2. mrv153

    Discussion Hetzner + 4K?

    Before you look for server issues for hours, install speedtest container using plexguide and run it on the TV/hardware client. I had also issues with 90-100 Mbps bitrates and noticed my TV got only 20 mbit down. Now I switched to a apple TV 4k and get full speed. Everything works now perfectly...
  3. mrv153

    Discussion Migration from GDrive to TeamDrive

    Cant you just setup gdrive and then setup tdrive? Its all mounted to /mnt/unionfs Or when you have gdrive enabled, just setup tdrive. Seems to work fine without moving any file.
  4. mrv153

    Where is radarr config file?

    /opt/appdata/radarr in docker /config
  5. mrv153

    Discussion Files not moving to Gdrive

    I have exactly the same issue. No errors shown but like 20% of stuff sits in sabnzbd folder. I tried now to remove the path mappings.
  6. mrv153


    Have you missed to push? Its not in communityapps so far
  7. mrv153

    SABnzbd new category not moving to Drive?

    Same issue, can I use other categories for manual downloads? pg move them before they are completed 1584470328 Ill create a small cronjob tomorow and let you know. At least you just have to download to a different folder like /opt/sabnzbd/newcat and move the files to unionfs every few minutes...
  8. mrv153

    Plex Buffering Issue/Hetzner-Germany

    I've got the same issue. Dedi hetzner server, plex is buffering alot unwatchable. speedtest from home to hetzner is 300 mbit, gdrive speed is fine :/ 1584452707 Found the issue. Make sure your TV have enought banthwith! I noticed my LG oled C9 had wired only 20mbit download/upload. With WLAN its...
  9. mrv153

    Discussion Traefik failing deployment upon portainer check

    This is still a issue! Not rare quite often. Weird thing is, it worked for me after 15th deployment, now I try to change domain and again its not working. Another weird thing is, lets encrypt cert is correctly deployed, but portainer check failed (portainer is reachable after this fail)
  10. mrv153

    Discussion 4k HEVC 10 HDR impossible?

    Hello everyone, im using a Hetzner EX 42 machine with plex and encrypted gsuite. My problem is, I cant watch 4k 60 mbit videos. Netdata showing only 13 mbit upload! Download from gsuite seems fine with 800-900mbit. Seems the problem is the slow upload. Why its uploading with 13-15 mbit only...
  11. mrv153

    Chat nzbmoney remote access?

    Hi, its possible to get nzbmoney work with google oauth system? 1584380278 Nvm again working fine with nzbdonkey
  12. mrv153

    Chat disk space

    Hello everyone, i just setup PG on my system. It working fine, but I have a question. On a large dl quene like 750gb, my disk will ran full. Will pg move the files to gdrive while downloading? Im asking because I cant see any uploading activity in netdata. It doesnt feels like its uploading...