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  1. M

    Wiki Help

    Hi All, I am not sure if I am missing something, and I am very new to all of this, and kind of just following along with the videos and the wiki. However, it seems like the wiki pages that were previously on GitHub were a lot more detailed and contained more information than the wiki pages on...
  2. kishanspatel

    Discussion Help with Traefik and my internal/external IP issue

    Hi all, I have a VM running Ubunut with plexguide on it. I'm trying to set up traefik so I don't have to enter an IP:port for every container I have installed. I'm running into a few issues. The VM has portainer running on it. I can access portainer with the VM IP and port (9000). I can also...
  3. syebrexsr

    Discussion Help please wit Traefik - Unable to deploy

    Hetzner Acution Dedicated server. Basic (not free) Clouldflare account and DNS A = My domain points to my ip <---Example CNAME FTP @ CNAME nzbget @ CNAME plex @ CNAME portainer @ CNAME radarr @ CNAME sabnzbd @ CNAME sonarr @ CNAME www @ Installed PlexGuide 8.7.5 (not root)...
  4. MrSparky

    Guides Easy update and upgrade from Version: 8.0.20 to newest version

    I installed and configured Plexguide a long time ago when the newsest version was Edition - GDrive | Version: 8.0.20 and now I saw that there are a few things that it's good to keep them updated so I am wondering what is the "easiest" way and most safest way (to not delete any data or anything)...