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  1. gadgethome

    Portainer How to upgrade Portainer from 1.24.x to version 2.0

    Run the following cmd from an ssh terminal: curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/doob187/test/master/portainer-update.sh | sudo bash The script will automatically stop all of your containers and then restart them after completion. *Remember to make a backup before running the above cmd. **...
  2. syebrexsr

    Discussion Help please wit Traefik - Unable to deploy

    Hetzner Acution Dedicated server. Basic (not free) Clouldflare account and DNS A = My domain points to my ip <---Example CNAME FTP @ CNAME nzbget @ CNAME plex @ CNAME portainer @ CNAME radarr @ CNAME sabnzbd @ CNAME sonarr @ CNAME www @ Installed PlexGuide 8.7.5 (not root)...