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  1. bodgeup

    Discussion Need Help With Traefik Problems?

    Hi PlexGuide users, If anyone is having problems with Traefik PM or reply or post on this thread and ill do my best to help. Networking is what I do in my Day Job so may be able to help where your stuck. Thanks Bodgeup
  2. bbzz

    Discussion Top Level Domain Error 526

    All app works fine from their subdomain, but can't access through the top-level domain. Cloudflare pops up an error: Error 526, Invalid SSL certificate. Is there any solution? Thanks, gays.
  3. altoyda

    Discussion Traefik and Organizr help set up

    Not understanding the setup of the tabs can someone help me with screen shot or steps. I would love to webhook this into my site. Or is better to get on discord and ask for help, I have ask few times for help and not see much help on forums 1595995805 Is anyone able to help me with this. I did...
  4. b101marc

    Discussion Rate Limits - GoDaddy - Multiple Domains

    Much like many others, I'm trying to get my Traefik working (again). I had set it up fine the first time I set up plexguide however had to make a couple fixes to my server which required a reboot and when launching traefik again it gave me a rate limit error. I tried with a new domain through my...
  5. kishanspatel

    Discussion Help with Traefik and my internal/external IP issue

    Hi all, I have a VM running Ubunut with plexguide on it. I'm trying to set up traefik so I don't have to enter an IP:port for every container I have installed. I'm running into a few issues. The VM has portainer running on it. I can access portainer with the VM IP and port (9000). I can also...
  6. cablex

    Discussion Can't get Traefik to work for s*hit... Help

    Been Trying for four weeks, can't get Traefik to work for s*hit. I have a Godaddy domain and got it pointed to my private IP and it was working fine but I realize I was supposed to point it to my public IP so I changed it and since then it keeps failing to deploy so I moved it to Cloudflare I...
  7. A

    Discussion Error deploying traefik

    Hi all, I rebooted my server and got a message saying I need to re-deploy traefik. But when I go and do this: ports 80 and 443 (i think) are already in use. How do I "uninstall" or remove usage of ports 443 and 80 to redploy my cloudflare traefik? fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed"...
  8. syebrexsr

    Discussion Cloudflare DNS stopped working

    DNS had been working for a little bit, all of a sudden it stopped. I can ping my servers static IP, but I am unable to ping I deleted all the records and now have an A recording pointing to my servers IP, does not work? Any idea where I could look, my domains are...
  9. syebrexsr

    Discussion Help please wit Traefik - Unable to deploy

    Hetzner Acution Dedicated server. Basic (not free) Clouldflare account and DNS A = My domain points to my ip <---Example CNAME FTP @ CNAME nzbget @ CNAME plex @ CNAME portainer @ CNAME radarr @ CNAME sabnzbd @ CNAME sonarr @ CNAME www @ Installed PlexGuide 8.7.5 (not root)...
  10. H

    Discussion After deploy traefik using cloudflare, apps lost connection with each other

    I had traefik deployed successfully, except bazarr (404 page not found). but all of the other apps works fine
  11. S

    Discussion Unable to deploy traefik usinng cloudfare

    I keep running into an issue where traefik will not deploy. Settings look correct and I can ping the domain but when I try to deploy I get the message below fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Error starting container...
  12. D

    Discussion How to Set up Traefik with Standalone Server

    Hello, This is my first Post and sufficient to say that i am little noob and started exploring plexguide now. i was able to work out most of the things plexguide offers but i am stuck at Traefik deployment as it not that easy. Please note that i am new to all this and dont have indepth...
  13. Z

    Discussion Error with traefik, acme failing although when deploying it passes (but i want to disable the proxy on cloudflare but then get a cert error)

    Hello, I'm trying to use my domain and deploy traefik, the issue i am having is that when i turn of the proxy for cloudflare it says there is a certificate error and the only cert being shown by chrome is "traefik default cert" which isn't verified by chrome. Now as this exact same setup worked...
  14. A

    Discussion Noob Traefik Question

    I am having problems setting up Traefik. I apparently logged in too many times so I have waited a full week. I also read that ports 80 and 443 could cause issues if other applications are using those ports. I have listed my active ports for your review....How many times can I atempt to load...
  15. N

    Solved Traefik Stopped working...

    I've been using PGBlitz for some time now and have not had a problem, until my ORBI router s*hit the bed and I lost all my nextwork configs. I run a locally hosted server on an Ubuntu machine. I bought a new router and reset everything up but when I checked on PGBlitz it said Traefik was...
  16. Squid00

    Discussion How to avoid reaching letsencrypt limit for dupe certs

    Hi, I have everything working as per all the guidelines, and yet I exceeded letsencrypt’s limit. I looked up the certs attached to my domain at and saw several duplicate certs, presumably from redeploying traefik too many times. Is this the case or is...
  17. PSyCHoHaMSTeRza

    Discussion Traefik while using top domain for something else, like Wix

    Hi there. Is there a way to set up Traefik so that I can use my top-level domain for something non-plexguide related? For example, if I want to have a normal website with Wix or Carrd or something, and I want to point my top-level domain to that, how will I go about setting that up? Is it...