Ideas - Add moves like pgui have in the past (7.x) Version |

Ideas Add moves like pgui have in the past (7.x) Version

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Original poster
Dec 12, 2018
I think very funny the pgblitzui the 7.x version have i really suggest to creat one like the 7.x version have.
The base code is very funny, with that truck and the fighter jet, with that colors red,yellow,green for the speeds i think is a good idea, to be a based code. And yes moves needs to be added as soon as possible is very use full to follow what is transfereing with a interface like pgblitzui on 7.x version have.
Waiting that cheges can be very much appreciated
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Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
Ya can't do for v7. Not part of my skillset and was done by a prior member. The current v8 theme will be improved later, but hey; you have a movement log; but this one provides warnings and mount issue warnings.
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