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YouTube Video Apple HomePod Quick Speaker Review

Good Evening Team,

I added a quick video on the quick unboxing of the Apple HomePod. Pretty simple and to the point; typical Apple. ON YOUTUBE - Please thumbs up (y) the video, subscribe, and share if you like it. It helps us grow! The Video is a Quick Review after the fact!

YouTube - Apple HomePod Quick Demo
PlexGuide Channel:

Quick Write Up Demo

So I have a have background with using Apple products for several years. I own Windows Machines, have Android devices, and chase the latest things at all times. What I can tell you is that this speaker is a must buy if you do not have any other speakers, Apple Music is key to you, and/or it sits in a location for a good amount of usage. The device is not cheap; starting at nearly $329 and that is without tax.

I was very impressed by the quality, but the device felt like a repeat of my phone. Since we Spotify (due to my wife), the Speaker allows me to play Apple Music; but I have an Apple TV in every room. Granted the Speaker is easy to use, having the phone and tv; the device felt repetitive. I'll hold on to the device for another 7 days; but this is not a rush to buy. If this is your first smart speaker and care mostly for Apple Music, this Apple HomePod is for you!




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