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May 17, 2019

Yesterday I observed a strange behaviour when playing from Plex (connected to unencrypted tdrive). Yesterday because I only started "testing"/using my server very recently, have been busy filling it up :)
As soon as the bandwith of the file is getting "bigger", let's say 40-50Mbits, it's becoming unwatchable because of pausing/loading. Added to this I get no sound at the beginning, only after changing the audio track manually. This happens on my nvidia shield with Kodi and Plex-Addon (gbit lan, 500mbit/s internet down). Everything displays as "direct play", so processor of the Plex Server shouldn't be a concern.

This was not the "strange behaviour" yet :) Because it could be that the bandwith of the server (VPS L, Contabo, 600mbit) is causing issues.
However, when I play the same file on my mobile phone (direct play) it's much better, almost no stuttering or lagging, though still not "perfect".

Anyone experienced a similar behaviour, or has any idea how I could solve this problem? I'll do a more "in-depth" analysis today with checking netstat -l etc. but it's really strange that it could be client related?

Thanks and best regards!
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