Best combination of usenet providers?


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Oct 14, 2019
Hi! I am currently using Newsgroupdirect and sometimes nzbs just fail to download, is it true that with another provider the chances are increased that the download succeeds? Would love some recommendations, the cheaper the better :)


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Nov 25, 2019
It appears that since July this year, newsgroupdirect cut their retention rate by 90% to about less than 365 days, which is why it's not even stated on their website anymore... so if you're downloading older content, you're out of luck. I'd put my money on a new provider.


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Dec 14, 2019
So I just started last month with Usenet, but I've had good results with a combination of Newsdemon (HW) and Supernews (Giga). I also use Premiumize as a backup.
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Nov 29, 2019
Nzbgeek, simplynzb, and nzbplanet works pretty good. Finding alot, hard to find music though


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Jan 17, 2018
One thing I learned is even though your on the same companies servers, they have different quality and retention rates. For example, combing usenetserver and newshosting may seem odd, but works very well. People have to keep in mind takedown requsts and capacity. I was under the assumption first that they provide a hard link to only one company, but a majority have their own experiences.


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Nov 17, 2019
frugalusenet works well for me, is cheap, and has good enough retention rates and I get 500Mbs+ speeds. I have a block provider with a longer retention period as well as a backup/fill but it rarely gets touched. One tip, most providers come with US/Euro servers. Add your local ones first, then add the overseas one as a backup. Occassionally if your dl'ing when a DMCA delete is being applied, it doesn't replicate to the other end as fast. Not always, but sometimes, it can save a download from failing.
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This thread just sparked an idea (perhaps already thought of?). Probably not realistic, but wouldn't it be cool to have a "linked friends/backfill" function in Sabz, where you could add friends to your sabz config and they you, and the sabz instances could make calls out to it's "friends" peers for content that is failing locally. Essentially pooling resources from multiple providers, but with reasonable settings like "Share up to xGB with friends/mo."

Like I said probably not realistic but it would be cool to have a mechanism in place like that. One friend and I allow our hydra instances to peer with each other by adding the others as a newznab provider, but with lower priority as to not flood one anothers indexers.

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