best vpn torrent client and guide |

best vpn torrent client and guide

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Original poster
Aug 19, 2018
basically ive tried to install a few now and never get any to fully work. i.e show a different external ip
seemed to have most success with rflood but cant work out if it or rutorrent is the better app and again it never seems to change the ip

what I've done is upload the surfshark connection files to the VPN folders on all the apps I've tried
stopped them running in portainer to make the config changes and added the openvpn user/pass where relevant, named a udp connection that I've wanted and got sonarr connect to the apps.

but the actual external IP never changes.

ideally id like to use rflood but at this point I want anything to work that also allows sonarr to remove downloaded files from queue.

the old wikis seemed to have better guides but they are all gone now.

would some kind soul please give me a quick walk through. I'm not usually caught on issues like this but I'm definitely missing something

thanks in advance



Sep 12, 2018
The old wiki with information - of varying use admittedly - on
  1. qBittorrent
  2. RuTorrent
  3. Deluge
  4. DelugeVPN
  5. qBittorrent-vpn
  6. RuTorrent-openvpn
  7. rFlood-openvpn (rTorrent with FloodUI)
is here still:

I added the direct links to VPN-enabled clients in the list above.

Caveat emptor. I've used Deluge, qBittorrent and RuTorrent successfully without VPN and had no success using any with a VPN. Didn't really try to make them work since I'm only using torrent clients to download RaspberryPi images and some very old retro gaming stuff so not really concerned with privacy.

Concur with the wiki comment. The wiki(s) on this site are all over the place, not up to date, not complete, and a challenge to tell what's right and what's wrong.


Nov 9, 2018
I am buggered if I can work out HOW to get Magnet links to send to Qbittorrent via a Chrome extension. I can copy/paste links between windows but its tedious...

QbittorrentVPN with Google auth ON but no user/password as why would I when I have Google auth on already....

Anyone got it working?? I have been trying with Torrent Clipper (tried other extensions) but I get error as below


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