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NZBGet Best way to handle removal of Python2 in linuxserver/nzbget

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Original poster
Nov 2, 2018
The maintainers of linuxserver/nzbget decided against continued support of the depricated python2.
(See )

Problem is, lots of people have nzbget scripts that depend on python2.

I'm pretty alright at devops. But re-writting scripts in python3 is not my idea of a good time.
Plus I know other people must be facing this issue. So all of us shouldn't go and duplicate each other's work when we could easily share the workload.

How are other people (i.e. you) handling this?

Is there another containerized build out there that does support python2?
Is there a good resource for converting scripts or perhaps a list of updated scripts?

Has anyone started?
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For what it's worth, these were the scripts I was using:
Code: is a scheduled script to clear downloads that would otherwise build up due to Radarr/Sonarr imperfectly communicating with nzbget.
That's probably my most important script (since I only have 200GB on disk to work with). If anyone has a working alternative, I'm all ears.
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Project Manager
Jan 1, 2019

I could offer my help in building an alt. image. Basicaly just copy the Dockerfile from and modify it. Done. :)

I checked the scripts regarding some re-writing. Its not to much of a change and can maybe done by the autoconvert tools out there, but i have no time currently for looking into the re-writing part.

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Hi all,

I started a Git and ported a few scripts already. Please feel free to add more scripts to it. I tested them a clean image and they should work. At least on my end.


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