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BETA 1: Version 5.070

Assists Greatly with Development Costs
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Latest updates! First relase of the SOLO HD Version for BETA! We need some feedback! Basically, /mnt/unionfs is where everything will be located (via a symbolic link to /mnt/move). Basically, you don't need a Google Drive. Great for small collections or even somewhat big ones if you have the offline diskspace for it!

SOLO HD Version is being able to use only 1 drive and no google drive. Good for small collections; or watch and delete@

  • Improved Solo HD Version, ready for testing
  • Fixes made to mp4 conversion (check wiki) - credit: allergictopineapple
  • duplicati role added by Mr. Wens
  • Clean up some of the menus
  • Added checkers to Solo HD Version (First BETA for it)
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