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News Articles BETA 3: PG Version 5.075 (Advanced Cron)

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An update many have been waiting for! Now you can pick times for your automated crons to deploy! Want it @midnight or at 0200? Now you have the option. Also, the variables page now displays your time and we make it easy for you to change your time via the settings or via the cron menu!


  • Added
    • PG Cron Advanced
    • PG Multi-Image Menu
    • Repaired 4K Menu
    • Time To Menus / CronJob & Startup
    • New Way to Adjust time Via Settings and Cron Job Interface
  • Changed
    • Better MP4 Repo (@zachawii)
    • Reworked PreInstaller
    • Fixed SAB port numbers
    • Stopped asking donation question if asked already once for preinstaller

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After Signup, PM Admin9705 for a 20% Discount Voucher
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