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Discussion [Bounty] Multiple Team Drive PGBlitz Uploads

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Original poster
Mar 19, 2018
Just a request I would like to have the ability to upload to different Team Drives with SA so that I don't hit the 400k file limit. For example /mnt/unionfs/td1/movies

Will donate a $100 for this feature :)

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Nov 17, 2019
I think you can do this today but I could be wrong. This is all theoretical so test it first:
Create a second team drive. Then create another remote in rclone outside of unionfs. Let's call the PG one tdrive and the second one adrive, mounted at /mnt/tdrive and /mnt/adrive respectively. In plexguide one of the menu options is to add the new mount point to unionfs, so add /mnt/adrive to unionfs.

Now in Google drive web interface drag your content from tdrive to adrive essentially emptying tdrive and filling adrive.

In theory unionfs should still have the same exact folder/file paths and structure, and new uploads should go to your now empty tdrive. The only thing I'm unsure about is how upgrades will work, I.e. if a 720p copy of a movie that's sitting on adrive gets deleted and upgraded to 1080p. I think it will delete from adrive and write the new file to tdrive, so you will have a mix of content across adrive and tdrive, but if your not concerned about how it's broken up across, it should present as one unified structure in unionfs, so Plex/sonarr/radarr/etc is none the wiser.

In theory you can keep doing this as a share drive fills up. Again though this is all based on my basic understanding of unionfs and PG options, so be sure to test it first.

Alternatively you can do the same as above except separate tv to your adrive, leave movies on tdrive, then point sonarr to write to /mnt/adrive instead of unionfs. It will still show up in unionfs, but this way read/writes/deletes are properly conducted within their respective drive. The only downside to this is Plex may not see the updates due to writes not being done direct to unionfs, but Plex Autoscan or sonarrs connect feature can easily resolve this.

Last idea is do everything like above again with mounting adrive outside of pg, add to unionfs. Then have a cronjob script run nightly, or a frequency/trigger you prefer, that does something like rclone move tdrive:tv adrive:tv. This would allow everything to write to unionfs, allow you to continue using the advantage of unfionsfs/file system monitoring/caching/pg move benefits while still allowing you to split your content across drives and maintaining the same paths. This however assumes either you only have the PG Plex server, or, you will config a similar unionfs setup for any additional Plex servers.
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