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Buffering when Hardware Transcoding - Fine when Direct Play

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Original poster
Apr 23, 2019
Hey everyone

I am running a Hetzner EX42-NVME with an Intel i7-7700 - and have hardware transcoding running properly (hw shows when transcoding in Plex/Emby)

When direct playing - I have no issues. I can stream at 40+ mbps

However when attempting to transcode - even at a lowly 2mbps - I get buffering and a message saying "your connection to this server isn't fast enough". Which makes no sense- because Direct Play, at a higher bitrate, works fine.

I'm wondering whether it's an issue with the /transcode folder location. Maybe disk utilisation is too high, particularly with all the other apps running off the same drive (ie. Sonarr/Radarr etc)

Does anyone else have this issue with Plex Transcoding and PGBlitz?


Jan 10, 2019
Not currently using hetzner but in the past I transcode successfully via gpu. Same concept so it shouldn't be an issue. First thing I would check is Plex state via tautulli (if you haven't already). The Plex gui is notorious for saying it's hw transcoding when it actually failed and falls back to software.

Do you have the same issue in emby (imo a better transcoder)? Newest emby server introduced a lot of fixes for ffmpeg so the beta would be good to test with.

Try a different file and see if the issue exists. Don't mess with 4k for testing, stick to 1080. Also you could bump up the rate to somewhere around 5-10mbps at 1080 for testing to give your cpu some room to breath.

Netdata would also be a good way to monitor your real time io use. Might lead you to where the bottleneck is.

Without more info, that's all I can suggest. There are others here that I'm sure know way more than me, so if those things don't resolve the issue, you might have to wait for them to chime in with ideas.

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