Solved - can not redeploy pgblitz unencrypted |

Solved can not redeploy pgblitz unencrypted

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Original poster
Apr 14, 2020

I was using plexgude tonight and when i sudo pg it seemed to go though an update and i saw a message about faster plex scans but i would need to redeploy my PG clone

so when i tried a for redeploy i keep getting this error telling me /mnt/unionfs cant unmount try to reboot

⛔ Failure during /mnt/unionfs/ unmount ~

There was a problem unmounting /mnt/unionfs/. Please reboot your server and try
a redeploy of PGClone again. If this problem persists after a reboot, join
discord and ask for help.

⚠ Warning: Your apps have been stopped to prevent data loss. Please reboot
and redepoy PGClone to fix.

so im stuck not sure why it will not unmount i am using a unencrypted pg blitz setup

I use a 2nd drive as my processing disk and i set it up as mnt before i installed PG and it worked perfectly dockers on 1st disk and anything on mnt goes to my lvm partition 2 drives it been working well until now so not sure whats whet wrong
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I managed to get it working

it was late when i origiinally posted the question last night

anyhow i turned on server this morning and it was still the same error so i manually umounted /mnt/ and then it redeployed ok

slowly learning a few tips :)
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Jan 17, 2018
Thanks for the report
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