Cannot get jdownloader2-vpn to work |

Cannot get jdownloader2-vpn to work

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Original poster
Apr 23, 2019
Hello all,

I'm trying to setup jdownloader2-vpn with my vpn providers (surfshark) but it seems that it doens't get connect to the vpn.
So I installed jdownloader2-vpn through pgblitz and I upload both config.ovpn and auth.txt to /opt/appdata/jdownloader2-vpn/vpn

I edited config.ovpn to include this:
auth-user-pass auth.txt
auth.txt has the username on first line and password of the provider to second line.
I checked the exact same file on my windows machine and it gets connected just fine (config.ovpn + auth.txt + OpenVPN for windows).

When restarting jd2-vpn container, current_external_ip.txt shows the server's IP address (first line time/date and second line IP address).
But after a while it only shows date/time and jdownloader cannot resolve any links.

I would appreciate any help!
Thank you all for your time!

VPN provider: Surfshark
Dedicated server: Hetzner
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

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