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Discussion Can't Find Server OAuth

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Original poster
Nov 26, 2019
Hey guys, wonder if someone could help me with an issue I'm running into. Setting up PGBlitz for the first time. I think I've got everything running correctly, I can go to Ombi.mydomain.com and access it just fine. From the local machine I can do localhost:9000 and access portainer just fine, but when I go to portainer.mydomain.com it pulls up the login page for OAuth (like it should,) I log in, and then it gives me an error "Safari can't find the server 'OAuth.mydomain.com". I double checked to make sure I had OAuth as a cname in Cloudflare. Does it use a port that I need to forward in my router like the other things? Any ideas?


Dec 10, 2019
For troubleshooting can you add an entry to your /etc/hosts file on your PC or laptop to point oauth.mydomain.com to the proper internal IP address? I added a static entry to my local nameserver (pihole) to get around this when inside my home network.

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