Plex - Careful with new Plex "skip TV intro feature" - scanning for intros appears to max out GDrive API download quota |

Plex Careful with new Plex "skip TV intro feature" - scanning for intros appears to max out GDrive API download quota

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Sep 12, 2018
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Hit the Google Drive download max quota today for the first time. Checked to make sure nothing was inadvertently shared or open to public access, Radarr/Sonarr/etc weren't changed to do scans, music folders weren't scanning..WTH?

Only thing that's changed is the two Plex servers I have that both point to the same team drive were updated with the new Plex server allowing automated bypass of TV show intros.
Great feature, right?


Check your Library settings (under "Settings") and see what the new portion for "Generate intro video markers" is set to.
By default it is set to "as a scheduled task and when media is added."
I am fairly certain that is the cause; it probably started scanning my 1000s of TV shows, and each one counts as a download by Google's API.

I'd recommend setting it to "Never" - which of course defeats the capability. If you really want to use it, you can probably let it run and somehow stop it after a short bit (maybe set it back to never and restart the Plex Docker) over a period of days to ensure you don't exceed the quota.

Once it's done with the initial scans, the addition of TV shows probably won't hit the limit.

But for now, I'm setting it to "Never" until we work the kinks out.

For reference, I usually get ~1.5 million API requests/month.
I was over 12K in the past hour. That math extrapolated would be ~8.8 million API hits in a month.


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Feb 12, 2020
i wondered if that would hit the API limits - nice write up and thanks for the warning!


Project Manager
Sep 26, 2018
@timekills cheers for the post.

What was your download api limit? Can you post or PM a screenshot of your API metric graphics/results. Say for that day? From the Quotas tab and metric tab.
With the mouse preferably hovering over that day.

Thanking you.


PG 1st Lieutenant
Nov 14, 2018
I didn't even know about this until I was in the settings and saw a task running "Scanning Intros" and had to look it up. I promptly set it to never as well as I don't want to risk an API ban.

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