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Original poster
Aug 1, 2018
Hi Everyone

I've read all the wiki's, forum posts etc. but I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong and it driving me crazy.

I have a domain with namecheap and I want to use Cloudflare as Content Delivery Network.

I have setup cloudflare as the wiki suggests. The only slight difference is for the DNS setup, when I put @ for the target for the apps, Cloudflare changes it to my domain. But I assume this is normal? I've attached a screenshot

On Namecheap I've changed the nameservers to the 2 that cloudflare require. This is all that I need to change here right?

However, when I try to deploy in PG the Portainer check always comes up as failed.

This has been driving me crazy for several days now. Any help would be appreciated please.

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I finally solved it!
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