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NZBGet Completed Files being deleted from NZBGets

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Original poster
Nov 29, 2018

I have been struggling for months, try to setup plexguide and couldn't get it to work.

Finally after many iteration of reinstalls - now with 8.1.4 (solo hd edition)

I manage to get it to do some downloads.

I got my setup to work with nzbhydra, plex, nzbgets, sonarr, radarr and ombi.
They are finally talking to one and other (well not 100%, like ombi just cannot connect to plex (remote server install option choosen)

I notice that after nzbgets completed the files in /mnt/downloads/nzbget/movies and /tv

it will do all the neccessary unpack and all, and the video files will stay in the folders.

But will eventually get deleted and keeping the folder intact.

Can i ask what have i done wrong? or is there any chmod or chown I have to do?

Thanks in advanced

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