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Confused on GCE Feeder Setup

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Original poster
Jan 8, 2019
I have an existing Plexguide setup running on my home server with a gdrive and tdrive for all my movies and tv shows and I've recently switched to PGBlitz. I'm setting up a GCE Feeder and I'm confused on a few things:

1. Am I supposed to setup a new project or use my existing project that is already setup for my Plexguide running on my home server?
2. Do I create new service account keys for TDrive for PGBlitz or do I use the existing ones I have setup already?
3. I want all the downloads to go to my existing TDrive that is used by my home server Plexguide setup, how do I accomplish that?


Dec 21, 2018
Yes, use the existing project

I recommend using new keys. If you use the same keys and exhaust the 750GB daily limit on one or more keys then your current setup won't be able to upload and vise versa. Using different keys will ensure both setups can upload up to their limits.

With the exception of the keys keep everything else the same. Both setups will upload to the same team project subfolders.
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Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
you can create another project and use different keys also and then back them up and restore for future purposes. but be aware, if you delete all the keys... :D

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