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Plex CPU at 100% during library scan

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Original poster
Nov 30, 2019
Hi, New to the group and am hoping to find some possible solutions. I have used Plex for about 8 years now and love it. recently, I have had to turn off automatic scanning because whenever I scan a library, the CPU goes to 100% and Plex drops access to the server. Clients can not access the server for a few minutes while it scans. I have never had this issue before and have tried everything I can find but no luck. Optimizing database and cleaning bundles do nothing. I stll get slow query in my logs. I am afraid I will have to rebuild my entire library if I can't find a solution.

Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

I run PMS on a Windows 10 dedicated server with high passmarks and store my library on external hard drives. It can transcode 4 or 5 remote streams with no issue as long as it is not scanning.


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