NZBGet - Creating movies4k directory and configure radarr4k/nzbget <solved> |

NZBGet Creating movies4k directory and configure radarr4k/nzbget <solved>

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Original poster
Jan 6, 2019
Quick question....

If I want to segregate 4k movies:
  1. add radarr4k container, make sure NZBget config in radarr4k has a movies4k category as well as a movies4k category in NZBget itself.
  2. simply add a new directory movies4k to /mnt/unionfs
    1. while in /mnt/unionfs >>>mkdir movies4k
  3. Tell radarr4k to put movies in /mnt/unionfs/movies4k
  4. Let Plexguide work its magic.
Is it that simple or am I missing something?
A previous thread I read on the this seemed to go way down the rabbit hole with permissions and creating similar directories all over the place.

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