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Oct 24, 2018
hi! used pg solo edition with google drive as a backup for a while. really impressed by the progress you've made and was inspired to use plexguide as intended.

here's the situation. i have a lot of media already in a google drive i'll call olddrive. i also have a new-ish seedbox running plexguide syncing to another google drive i'll call newdrive.

currently the only route the files can take is olddrive -> plexguide -> newdrive which will be slow and bandwidth-intensive.

if i were to switch to using a team drive, would i be transfer olddrive and newdrive's contents to the team drive from the drive interface? i know i can't copy folders to do it all at once, but i can copy the files individually which would still save a lot of time.

is switching from a gdrive setup to a team drive setup an involved task? do i need to do a separate oauth process with new credentials when i'm adding it to rclone? how do i tell plexguide i've switched? what do i do with the google drive account gdrive afterwards?

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