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Dedicated server from Australia

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Original poster
Dec 22, 2018
Hi There,

I have been using plexguide for 2 years on a Vultr VPS in Sydney and has been great as their network performance to the US for Google drive is great and then from home (Sydney) to the VPS is good as well. However, it is limited to 5TB bandwidth and each month I go over the limit and costs extra.

I would like to move to a dedicated server with either unlimited bandwidth or substantially higher bandwidth but my concern is that if I choose a dedicated server like Hetzner or one in the US, I will start to get buffering and performance issues.

Can anyone suggest or have experience with a dedicated server offering that would provide suitable steaming performance from Australia?
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Just an update on this, I ended up going with as they had a promotion of 100TB bandwidth with a dedicated server. So far its been working fantastic.
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