Sonarr - Deleted files from /mnt/unionfs by Sonarr reappear (dual server setup) |

Sonarr Deleted files from /mnt/unionfs by Sonarr reappear (dual server setup)

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Original poster
Apr 9, 2018
I have a VM running sonarr and radarr (vm1). Another box is running my Plex server (vm2). Both boxes use PGDrive+Move. When sonarr finds a better version of a show, it deletes the existing one which creates the .HIDDEN file in the .unionfs-fuse folder on vm1, however, the deleted file reappears after a few seconds and the .unionfs-fuse folder is empty. I'm guessing this is happening because the vm2 box has the file cached and it restores it to the actual google drive folder. Is there a way around this?
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