Delugevpn randomly can’t sign in from external network |

Delugevpn randomly can’t sign in from external network

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Original poster
Feb 25, 2020
Hi guys,

my problem is very strange. delugevpn works great. I have no issues with it connecting and it downloads etc. I can connect to it from my domain (I.e but it seems that after a few hours, I can no longer log in via the domain. When i open deluge in the same computer, it is definitely still open I.e. localhost:8112

do you guys have any recommendations as to where I should check to fix this issue. It is extremely annoying haha seems like such a tiny bug but maybe it’s a setting I’m unaware of.

thanks in advance guys


Mar 5, 2019
Try checking the logs from Portainer.

Newest version of the container? :)

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