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Discussion Do i need to redeploy after Cloudflare Setup?

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Original poster
Jun 11, 2019
Hi together,
i setup traefik with a GoDaddy Domain and everything is working...except 4K Streaming
(see here https://plexguide.com/threads/netcup-4k-stream-buffering.6492/#post-39551 )

So i want o try out if Cloudflare as a CDN would help.

So i setup Cloudflare as descriped here:

In Cloudflare Dashboard i can see that Cloudflare is working (my Domain is connected etc...and also in the Analytics i can see Bandwitdh when i play with Plex Web app for example ).

BUT in the Traefik Setup in PGBlitz is also a choise to deploy Traefik with Cloudflare. Do i need to redeploy my Treafik Setup?

Thanks a lot!
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I just redeploy, and it was working good.
--> solved for me!
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