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Plex Dolby Vision Device Playback Findings

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Original poster
Apr 17, 2018
I'm sure there's probablty abetter thread name but I can't think of one.

Purpose of the thread is to advise if your streaming app/device can playback* Dolby Vision content

* - Your TV needs to of course be able to play back Dolby Vision.

Findings so far

LG C9 OLED - Built In Plex App - Only plays Dual Layer Dolby Vision (.mp4 files usuall)
Nvidia Shield Tv Pro (2019) - Only plays Single Layer (.Ts)
Fire TV Stick 4K - Cannot play either Single or Dual Layer


Aug 23, 2018
Hopefully not long before we have a much better solution in plex for DV content Now that exoplayer has been updated. Makemkv as well, should be all good sooner rather than later!

Currently using an M9702 player (OPPO clone) to play ISO’s - works amazing, but its ugly compared to plex, so watching closely!

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