Download Server Drive filling up cant see why?


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Mar 13, 2019
Hey Guys,

So I am new to PG Blitz but have a bit of understanding from HTPC's in the past.

Basically I have my main server at home which does all of my transcoding etc.

Issue is my upload speed at home is dogshit(20Mb) so instead I have Download servers set up at other locations(Friends/Family)

I have deployed all of them but have only started using one, it sits on a 1GB up/Down link.

Issue is it downloads series, Deletes them from downloads, Appear in my Gcrypt folder as they need to, but my disk space stays full?

looking at NetData I cant see it uploading anything so assume its up to date.

There is no plex on the server for metadata or anything in that line.

Also using disk Usage Analyzer shows the following:


Now I'll be honest my knowledge with Linux is lack luster , I have supported a few Linux machines in my life but not enough to know much.

I am just wondering where the remaining 300odd GB lives, does it sit in the Gcrypt folder for xyz time?

Or is it still queued to sync to my gcrypt folder ? if so how can i view this queue?

Also should have started out with this but thanks to the creators for this it saves so much hassle with buying disk drives every couple of months


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8:38 PM
Jan 2, 2019
Try looking in your incomplete folder for failed downloads. I've had my GCE feeder pause before because it was filled with parts of failed downloads

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