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Original poster
Apr 26, 2020
Hi all

just wondered if anyone could help please with ebooks. I have been looking at whether Plex would be fine for this if there is a plug-in I can run alongside or get from (similar to prologue for audiobooks, even though it’s iOS only which causes me to run it in an emulator).

I have been keeping track of readarr redevelopment and wanted to have something to load ebooks to when it is ready. At the moment I have my own storage and naming conventions but I’m interested to move them go somewhere similar to a Plex library, so I can house everything in as less programs as possible.

Considering Jellyfin based on their advances and plugins. Anyone here running have some advice for me with Plex plugins or anyone running Jellyfin that might be able to weigh in on how it is working?

Diverted query - anyone have a ban for using the .strm Files query through Jellyfin? Wouldn’t want to reach a ban on my library if I exposed it to others. Wondered if this could be negated by adding them as read only members of the tdrive? Or if no bans have been reported?

Kind of sick of my stuff constantly dropping on Plex and needing constant scanning and metadata refreshes with my personalised posters etc.

Thanks in advance for your time and sorry for all the questions. Still learning here 😅

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