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Ideas Empty trash files from the server

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Original poster
Dec 1, 2018
A nice script that emptys various folders like download, incomplete, and other folders where trash files might fill up space. i've once had alot of s*hit files under aptdata/nzbget i think, as there was some kind of error on my server. (think i deleted like 200gb or so from there, and files might collect other places)

also a program like spacesniffer(although thats only available for windows i think) so you're able to see what is filling up your machines storage. this is nice for us that only have small amounts of local storage (1tb for in my case)


Aug 9, 2018
The reason you get lots of trash files leftover is because sometimes uploaders nest video files a folder up. This causes issues for programs like radarr and sonarr. You want to be using the nzbget script called flatten. It is actually part of the pgblitz install but doesnt work and also the permissions on the script folder are borked. To fix this and get the plugin working do this.

sudo chmod -R 775 /opt/appdata/nzbget/scripts

sudo rm /opt/appdata/nzbget/scripts/

goto this link and copy the whole text with ctrl a you may need to view raw to make it easier.

sudo nano /opt/appdata/nzbget/scripts/

ctrl c the code you copied and save.

sudo chmod +x /opt/appdata/nzbget/scripts/

Reload Nzbget and activate the script in the extension settings.

This will make all files that a nested in other into a flat file and the darrs will better handle them.
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