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Discussion extra config for local installs of pgblitz

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Original poster
Jan 19, 2018
I am posting this here as I feel it applies more here.

my first request is, is it possible to add a "3rd" party app configuration in the installer? what I mean is I have 3-4 services running on other services or devices that I would like to configure through the traefik proxy. Qnap. Pi-hole, Unifi. and so on. it would be nice if we could have a simple configure 3rd party proxy access, and then 3 options subdomain name, IP address, Port. and then pgplitz script would configure Treafik to route to those programs. (might be more complicated than I am thinking but wanted to ask)

second. with that would be deploying a local DNS to PGblitz that we could use internally to define if a app is or 3rd party is route-able from only local or from the internet.

right now I do that mostly with pi-hole and have it route all domain names from my internal network to the internal network address(not going out to the net and back) but if you are outside the house the domain name will lookup externally and point to the external ip address.

thoughts? is this to complicated? or not realistic?


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
Request 1: It exceeds the scope of the project (which is not the 95% case use). Lots of coding, (lots of things I don't know). You can fork it an give it a stab (i learn from wanting to add certain things).

Request 2: Again, this is just not within the scope. I understand what your trying to do but it's exceeding complicated (and i'm tackling pgclone and other rewrites).

good ideas and appecriate the ask, but giving the real answer :D
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Original poster
Jan 19, 2018
Honestly I knew that was going to be the answer hahah. Thanks for Replying.

guess I will have to figure it out for myself.

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