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Ideas Feature Request: Backup & Restore

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Original poster
Jun 29, 2018
Just a couple of ideas to make backup and restore easier.

1. Seems that When I do a restore of an app on a fresh PG install I either need to first install the app or re-install it over post restore to get everything back into place (i.e. traefik ports, containers registered in portainer. etc...). Would be great if just restoring would check if the app is installed and automatically go through the processes during the restore step.

2. Would be great to have an "All" option for the backup or restore select app screen. This could also apply to the install or remove app areas.

Thanks for all your work
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Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
you do not want the app to restore. if the mounts have issues or something custom is not set, data can be borked or lost. i purposely leave it like that; leaving it to the user to deploy the app when conditions are right.


Feb 15, 2018
Hello @Admin9705

Thanks a lot for maintaining this. You have really made this super easy for users like me who does not know anything about linux or rclone.

I am currently using the GCE pgblitz edition and may soon run out of my credit. I will have to set up another google account to start over with the process. Is there any wiki guide for restoring everything to new GCE edition?

Also, I share plex with a couple of family members. When I set up a new account, will that be a new plex server? If yes, will they (and I) lose all their tv show/movies progress?


Jan 20, 2019
The Plex backup should include everyone watched statuses, as long as nothing has changed since the backup.
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I feel like a 'All' option for backup/restore would be beneficial.
Also perhaps some kind of scheduling built in?

It's not the end of the world, I just like to login every Monday morning while I'm at work and do a config backup of all the containers files. I've been stung before haha.

Given that PGBlitz exists for automation this makes sense.
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