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Discussion Fetching download from other location (non-Raddar/Sonarr)

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Original poster
Aug 30, 2018
So I have a question. Sometimes I like to download content that is in my local language or is not the most popular series/movie on torrent-trackers.

If I for some reason were to get this downloaded to my server manually in qBitTorrent (f.ex). and then have it there on the local disk, together with the other movies and series.
Should I simply then do a "move" of this folder to the /mnt/move/movies/ and the rest can be manually discovered by f.ex Sonarr/Radarr from there?

I'm running an Encrypted Gdrive setup. Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS server, locally in-house.

Or if there are other easier ways please let me know ?

Also extra question:
- Is there any dockers from the community I could spin up that is configured properly in terms of downloading from a private tracker? This could be a way for me to manually download from private trackers with ease, by seperating the "public torrent leeching" in one Docker-instance from my private account where I should seed for as long as possible. F.ex. "qbittorrent.mydomain.com" and "qbitprivate.mydomain.com".
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