Files move to /mnt/unionfs/ but not into categories


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Dec 4, 2019
Hello all,
I installed PGBlitz yesterday and everything was a breeze. Kudos to the developers!

Not sure what additional info is required to help assist with my current issue (it's probably 99% user error)
My current setup is radarr/sonarr/nzbget and I have PGBlitz setup to move to TDrive unencrypted with 6 emails

While my files are downloading (I have tested 6 so far), and they are going to Google TDrive, I am experiencing this.

On my Google TDrive & /mnt/tdrive, it is not moving into categories. The downloads stay in the parent folder
In my /mnt/unionfs/ I see the categories (abooks, ebooks, movies, tv, etc.) but no folder/files are being transported into their respective categories once it has done unpacking

I checked my remote mappings on radarr/sonarr and they are identical to the one outlined in the wiki
For nzbget, my category name is in the same lower case format as one on indicated on radarr/sonarr settings

My concern is that once the move has been completed, the file stays on my server and it takes up space. I only have 240gb ssd

Would appreciate any direction to help me pinpoint where I fudged it lol
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Apologies for posting so quickly... I figured it out
It was my download path on sonarr/radarr
I had it set to /mnt/downloads/ and no mention of category
Everything is working smoothly!
Now need to figure out how to move my library in my home server onto TDrive :D
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