Files moving to folder encrypt on gdrive |

Files moving to folder encrypt on gdrive

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Original poster
May 22, 2020
I changed my move to encrypted. Problems that I am having .

1.) nzbget downloads movies but drive space fills up. So I looked and found complete movies in the nzbget /mnt/downloads/nzbget/tv. Tried to import those files, I get already exist . Then I look on my Gdrive and I cannot find anything. I found a folder called "encrypt" on gdrive. The downloads are going in there but either the folders are encrypted or something but nothing can read the files. When I go and login to the gdrive with my google account, look in the my drive folder. I don't see anything new uploading. I do see Binary files in the encrypted folder.

2.) basically when I moved to encrypted I believe things went bad. My gdrive is not registering expansion of space, it just sits at 13.8 TB.

I am confused here if you can't tell so if someone could give me a list of details to pull so that you or someone can help me, I will do that and post here.


What I found so far, I think the files are now encrypted and can only be read by my server and it's apps. When I go to Gdrive they are no where to be found for a search by name. When I go into the encrypt folder on my gdrive where things seem to be going, there are just encrypted files so.

1.) When you do and Encrypted move; is it true that the files are only visible to my server which encrypted them?
2.) Is it true I should not be able to search for them on Drive?

Thank you :)
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ok - nevermind - I am going to start from scratch.
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