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Jun 2, 2019
Ive noticed that after adding another dir to my library, for example, I used to have /movies/ and now added /movies720p/ after plex rescanning the dir, it creates lots of duplicated titles, rather than merging them and allowing me to chose which version I want to play.

Is there a way to fix this (merge those titles), without removing the db and rescanning the whole thing from start?


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Nov 17, 2019
You can filter by duplicates and chose to join them in Plex I believe
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disregard, I gave you bad advice, my bad. I realized the "Duplicates" filter only works if they are merged already. Doh!

I believe you are getting duplicates because your previous scan used a different agent for matching than your new folder for some reason. Did you change from Plex Movie to TMDB for example? Make sure your agents are the same. Once you ensure you are using the same agent, if that was the issue, a "refresh all metadata" on the library *might* merge them but not sure. Otherwise, you can open a duplicate item, click unmatch, then click fix match, and see if that brings them back together.

Some additional good info here:
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Also, I'm not sure if plex will merge two identical movies if one has local media assets, like external subtitles. It very well might but that may also play a factor.
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