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Feb 23, 2019
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Hi fellow blitzers,
I decided to get on the GCE Feeder train... (adding to a torrent based setup)

Setup: PGtrakt -> Sonarr/Radarr (via NZBgeek) -> NZBget -> PGBlitz (TeamDrive)

Context: I've tested the TeamDrive connection by making a file (in mnt/unionfs/encrypt or whatever) and it uploaded great.

Issue: My automated copy is not working as I'm not seeing completed NZBget files replicate (from logs or iftop) - likely a config issue :(

  • It doesn't seem like "pglog" is possible anymore? "blitz" doesn't show the anything obvious to help me to troubleshoot my issue.
  • Is there also an additional script I need to cron to delete files once upload to TeamDrive Completed to perpetuate space for the GCE Feeder?
  • Considering; "Starting VM instance "pg-gce" failed. Error: You cannot restart an instance that uses a local SSD. Delete and recreate the instance." -- I'm presuming I should be routinely backing up (PGvault) the Feeder too? (I'll be recreating today I guess!)
Thanks for any help - hope the formatting is easier on the eyes.

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