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Discussion Generic guide for 3rd party docker images

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Original poster
Feb 7, 2018
Just had a thought here, maybe something for the wiki, upon reading through the thread on integrating Guacamole, it takes me back to my attempt a long time ago to integrate Home Assistant.
As I run PG on my home server, I want to run a few containers that may be niche, or completely unrelated for a cloud/VPS hosted server.

I don't think it needs to be a full integration into PG, but I was thinking of covering the basics of traefik, which docker networks to map towards, config file locations etc.
The one thing that's a bit unknown to me is will the container be removed or modified in any circumstances (some of the troubleshooting scripts come to mind) hence the desire to ensure all config data is saved externally.

If I was to attempt to add a new container, would the Guacamole one be a good place to start from?


May 5, 2018
I think guacamole might be a bit complex to start with (although that's what i did). It requires three different containers running in order to work, hence the increased complexity. I have not had any trouble with it being modified or removed by plexguide or watchtower over the past month that I've had it running.

I'm also unsure what networks any separate containers need to have. I added the guacamole ones to bridge and plexguide and they work great.

You can easily create a new folder in /opt/appdata for your custom container to save config files. Plexguide shouldn't interfere with them at all.

With all that said, my docker-compose file makes it pretty straight forward to deploy so you should give it a shot!


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
feel free to add containers :D if you do, you help others!


Original poster
Feb 7, 2018
I'll give it a shot, and if it's easy enough to change the variable names around in your docker compose file @navy2x it should then be easy enough to document as a template for others to load in their own containers.
I'll hopefully have time on the weekend to give it a try.
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Feb 2, 2018
it takes me back to my attempt a long time ago to integrate Home Assistant.
I'd really recommend running this on a separate device if you can, a raspberry pi is enough but a second hand dell SFF for 80 bucks with an SSD is even better. Plus, if it's running all the stuff in your house it gets really really annoying when it breaks because you were fiddling with something else.

I'd definitely be interested to see what you come up with FBNSS. Getting a container up and running for testing is pretty easy with portainer, the bit I'm not sure on is how to add it into the plexguide/ansible. Been using docker-compose with my home servers for the last few years so I'm down with that, I've managed to fork the git hub, so now it's just down to finding time and gist.
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