NZBGet - Getting to mnt/uninonfs/nzbget/movies then stalls |

NZBGet Getting to mnt/uninonfs/nzbget/movies then stalls

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Original poster
Dec 29, 2018
Having issues getting files from /mnt/uninonfs/nzbget/movies or tv, but right now focusing on movies, to move into the /mnt/move folder or in my case /mnt/media/move, I am using a second hard drive with "mount bind" and all that looks correct according to
I know there are messages that state do not change download paths but going to a second hard drive seems to have really broken things until I changed the remote path. NZBGet seems to be working great.

I have been doing some reading and found this is one of the wikis -
One thing to try is going to the Wanted page in sonarr/radarr/lidarr and doing a manual interactive import from /mnt/unionfs/mydownloader/mycategory Then hover over the red exclamation icons for a reason why it didn't initially import it.

Here is what I am getting in radarr
import rejected has the same filesize as existing file
not an upgrade for existing episode file

I've tried 3 different movies. All not in my library currently and all give me the errors above. If I manually move the files to the move folder everything works. Just not sure why I am getting those messages on files that are not duplicates of any existing files.

Remote mappings

Host: nzbget
remote path: /mnt/media/downloads/nzbget/
local path: /mnt/unionfs/nzbget/

mounts redeployed
apps reinstalled
Rclone updated v1.46


If you want to use the second HDD

reinstall Server.
Install Server OS ubun18.04
Update and update your system
sudo adduser <namd> --uid 1000
mkdir /mnt
Mount the second as /mnt
Not any other mount points
Then install. PLEXGUIDE

So you can never runs in any issuse of the mounts and transport points
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Original poster
Dec 29, 2018
Sounds good, I'll give that a try. thanks for the advice! So far I have been able to figure stuff out but this one was killing me. I couldn't sleep because I kept running this issue through my mind. :)

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