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Discussion gocryptfs, GDrive mount on VM's host?

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Original poster
Jun 23, 2018
I'm a novice, thinking of installing PGBlitz on a VM running on my Windows PC, but I've already started uploading encrypted media to my Google Drive using File Stream and cppcryptfs (the Windows port of gocryptfs). I'm happy with how cpp/gocryptfs has been working, and it would take me a while to reupload into a new format.

So how would I configure PGBlitz to either:

  • Handle encryption through gocryptfs instead of rclone's own encryption
  • Or, maybe even better for now until I set up a dedicated machine, point to the host's cppcryptfs container after I've shared it with the guest VM, and treat that as the encrypted, cached Drive mount? It would might save resources versus setting up a separate Gdrive cache within the VM

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