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Mar 13, 2018
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I’m noticing my upload speeds to my google drive are about half what my gce server is capable of doing. See the photos below. The speed test shows my up/down speeds to be about 800 Mbps, how ever the google drive upload test shows a rate of about 50MBps(~400Mbps)
Once in a while i see movies uploading at about 100+ MBps but that’s not the norm.

Is this just the wall or natural limit of what google can handle or have I chosen the wrong server location for my gce build (Us east) and if so how do I determine which location is closer to google drives servers for faster upload.




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Nov 29, 2018
When I deployed PGBlitz for my transport method I was a little bit disappointed to see that even with multiple simultaneous uploads, I can only do about 60MB/s combined upload into google even when I added 10 service accounts. I've been curious to see if that's normal, but I sort of think it is. Just would be curious if anybody else can confirm. I'm on Hetzner finland FWIW

I certainly wouldn't want to completely saturate my upload since I have users who stream stuff and I need to reserve some bandwidth, but it seems I'm limited to about 500Mbits/s into google from my server.
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