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Jan 17, 2018
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Welcome to PlexGuide!   Hopefully you were able to read the introduction. First, you need to sign up for the Google GSuite Enterprise Edition
[ Click Here to Sign Up for GSuite ]
So I have been using it for two years.  What are the perks, downsides, and why is it worth it.

First, you only pay $10 a month.  You get to control your own data.  No e-bay account and your not worrying about your data falling outside of your hands.  Think about it, your going to store tons of files and you want to keep it to yourself right?  Ignore the 5 users sign up; you’ll notice when you pass 1TB; your fine.  Trust me on this!
You get to have your own domain!  Yes, along with the Google Interface.  So you can have,, … so there is a plus to all this.  Google GSuite also has an alias feature which allows you to make shadow-fake accounts; so you never have to give out your real account.  Example...
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