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Jul 4, 2019
Well, would you look at that...

In April of 2018, I lost everything to a house fire, pulled apart a molten server rack and san to recover my hard drives and stuck them in a bag. Fast-forward to 4/19 and I am moving into my freshly built home and already thinking of how I am going to get my plex server back up and running (well I had been for months as I was the primary supplier for entertainment for a number of my friends/family).

Bought a cheap dishwasher of craigslist opened my bag of drives and ran them through twice to clean the soot and year of stank off them. I know dangerous if I use a cleaning agent but hot water is hot water and the non-sealed drives were opened and checked and all drives were dried before powering on (gimme a little credit). Would you look at that about 1/4 of the drives worked fine the others well no luck... Sadly the drive that hosted my configuration scripts was a glorious pile of melted PCB inside the metal SSD enclosure.

Hit up /r/homelabsales and found some hardware, I use my home server for more than plex and dedicated servers gets expensive with the specs I need. Used servers purchased, firmware updated (thanks torrents for supplying the HPE updated files though so many were not the right hash) time to get down to business. Hrmm do I still have my bash files on GitHub? Nope, they were moved to my internal gitlab so I could use uuids and hardcoded passwords and keys. Well, time to start anew dload ubuntu 19.04 live server (04 release so will become the lts) installed booted via ilo. SSH in and time to get started (Live many of you not my first rodeo initializing a system let alone a media server), sudo su, apt update, apt upgrade, add keys and repos, apt install docker-ce docker-compose etc etc etc and im up and running well poo plex wont let me claim my server, kill container in portainer double check my configs redeploy hrmm... strangeness. Needless to say after 3 days of building containers on my laptop then pushing them to my server via swarm stacks I was finally up and running (right we all know better).

Ok so I've got this installed lemme export my terminal logs and build a bash file, oh wait I remember reading about ansible maybe I should give it a try. Get a playbook about half built and run into trouble with my plex install, found my silly error but not after finding someone mentioning plexguide. Yeah so after looking at the GitHub repos (SO MUCH unnecessary but HIGHLY LOGICAL SEPARATION OF REPOS!) I opened up HP Ilo inserted the virtual iso for ubuntu 18 and completely started over.

This is a great project and rather than building my own it's better to contribute to an already solid foundation.

Thanks for this and be ready to check pull requests XD.
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Jan 20, 2018
That’s quite a journey - not sure i’d personally have gone the dishwasher route, but at that stage it’s a gamble no matter what. Welcome to the forums :)

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