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Dec 9, 2018
Holy, what a wonderful project to stumble across. My Plex adventures have gone from Win10 Pro on an old Dell Vostro; dual-core, 4GB RAM, 160GB 10krpm Velociraptor HDD for OS and PMS and data on random 500GB hdds I had lying around. From there I got sick of Windows Updates constantly borking firewall rules, or somehow bringing down the entire server, so I migrated to Linux Mint and WHOO did my world get a whole lot better from that point onward. The Cinnamon desktop was fantastic to transition from a M$ world and Mint Community was outstanding and supremely patient with a new user trying to get the basics down. Once I learned how to do things in the gui, I began transitioning to the command line, which really helped to broaden my skillset. From there i was finally (after the better part of a year) able to make the jump to Ubuntu Server 16.xx.x, at which point I had acquired a couple 8TB HDDs for bulk media storage and ran these in a little RAID1 setup and simply mounted them across the network to my new Plex VM, which now runs with 2vCPU, 4096MB RAM on a pair of m.2 Samsung 960 EVO SSDs in RAID0.

Looking forward to testing out PGBlitz in a VM, but just getting started down the thorough pre-reading checklist(s). Thanks again for the excellent work!
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