Hardware GPU transcoding via NVEnc with a P106? | PlexGuide.com

Hardware GPU transcoding via NVEnc with a P106?

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Data Hoarding Primate
Original poster
Project Manager
Jan 20, 2018
So, the P106 was basically a 1060 without any display output intended for mining, obviously mining took a hit last year (again...), so the P106, unlike the rest of the normal GPU's isn't much use for anything as no video output makes them nearly useless. Except they're cheap, stupidly cheap for a 1060. A windows patch already enables them to functionally render through an intel iGPU (not seen/tried it under AMD), and it seems to work, which begs the question, as our use doesn't require any form of output and the driver patches to make NVenc not limited to two streams already exist, can it do HW transcoding?

If it does then a low power card for $70 that can do 20+ transcodes sounds like the holly grail to me...

Example under windows:

WARNING: This is a discussion about theory, i'm not saying it will work or that i've even tested the idea. Don't blame me/PG/the dog if you buy one and it's a non starter.

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